Bringing the Dead Leads to Life

Sculpturing the perfect email marketing campaign for every new lead is a difficult task for marketers because preference each customer is different. Such marketing campaigns can be a complicated task, especially if the leads are not responding and have become dormant. However, if you follow some easy tactics, it will definitely ensure success. Before, sending emails to the customers, determine the ultimate goal of the marketing campaign. Keep all your goals in mind such that even recipients have an idea of what to expect. Bringing the dead leads to life will not only enhance sales, but help in increasing the brand value of the company. Remember to create a catchy subject line containing some sneak peeks of the content inside the email as it will generate interest in the minds of the customers. You can follow the following steps to enhance customer relationship.


Start the conversation

It is extremely frustrating when leads do not reply to the messages or take the necessary action. Rather than wasting time on such a campaign, add these dormant leads to a new marketing campaign, especially designed for inactive customers. For the first few weeks, send one email every week and after that send occasional emails to the customers. Offer discounts and attract such customers. Tell your leads about your expertise, your coverage area and the product you offer. Start conversation in an authentic way and win back the trust of your customers all over again.

Give them a reason to purchase

Customers who have un-subscribed in the past were probably unhappy with the marketing campaign either due to high frequency of messages or irrelevant content. Therefore, before enticing such customers again, you need to understand their reason for leaving the campaign. Give them a reason to purchase by offering valuable content and understanding the requirement of the customers. Send captivating messages, embed the communication with animated GIFs and use videos to engage the readers. Unless the reader finds the content interesting, they are less likely to fully read the content.

Win back the trust of your old customers using email marketing.