Best Practices of Email Marketing for 2016

2016 is just round the corner and it is the perfect time to treat your email marketing campaign in a different manner. According to experts, the number of email users is expected to increase to 4.6 billion, which is a whopping number for any marketing platform. You need to completely change the way subscribers are engaged because the demands and the requirements of the customers are changing. Optimize the email marketing campaign such that any major or minor changes in customer demand, does not stop your campaign even for a second. Here are a few email best practices to follow in 2016.



Gone are the days when a customer used to read the full marketing email and take the necessary action. Today, in the fast paced world, customers will lack time and if you send lengthy messages urging them to make a purchase, your messages will definitely land in the spam folder. You will be shocked to know that more than 70% of the web traffic is because of the videos. Even in 2016, videos and GIFs will be a hit among the customers and contribute in engaging the readers. Additionally, businesses who use video in their email marketing see a higher open rate than those sending dull and boring messages. GIFs on the other hand create an altogether different impact in the minds of the customers. Remember to include video and GIFs in maximum messages in 2016.


How many times have your friends and family members not listened to what you have to say because they were busy staring at their mobile screen? The rule is simple, mobile controls the attention. And, if you are not giving attention to the mobile platform, you have nowhere to go in the email marketing world. Believe it or not more than 65% of the messages are read on the mobile devices. Creating a responsive and crisp email fitting the size of the mobile screen a customer is using is extremely essential. Use responsive template as it responds to the device on which it is opened.

Email marketing is the future of marketing, leverage the effectiveness of the marketing platform.