Best Practices for Enhancing your Email Marketing

If executed properly, email marketing has the potential to nurture customer relationship and convert new prospects into loyal customers. Whether you are a small business or a big fish in your niche, focusing on marketing strategies is essential to avoid inundating the inbox of the customers with useless messages. Email messages inspiring action will help you build a strong customer base and boost the open rates. Here are a few best practices for enhancing your email marketing campaign.


Links should be easy to locate

Hidden links and forcing the customer to search for your call-to-action in the message is a great way of bidding goodbye and annoying the readers. Non-clickable links matching the color of the text will never result in a customer taking any action. Therefore, consider using a mixture of images and text links to pique interest. Once the readers are able to locate links in the message, attracting their attention becomes an easy task.

Mobile friendly

Not sending mobile friendly emails is like pushing away the technology and losing out on the opportunity to drive results and attract readers. Mobile optimization should be on the priority because more and more number of readers prefer to read their emails on a mobile device. Today, you simply cannot afford to overlook the power of a Smartphone. Focus on creating templates, which are easy to load mobile.

Avoid spam oriented words

Spam oriented words trigger the spam filters and you will directly land in the spam folder. Spam oriented keywords include ‘free’, ‘low cost’ and ‘urgent’ in your email communication as it will definitely agitate the readers. Additionally, avoid using exclamation marks and all caps as it triggers the spam filters. It is definitely time to get extremely creative with your content to increase the click-through rate and open rate. Spam complaints reduces the email deliverability leading to a poor email marketing campaign. Focus on reducing the spam oriented words to easily reach the inbox of the target readers.

Email marketing is an essential tool in your marketing kit, try using efficient and pleasing designs to entice the readers.