Avoid these Mistakes in Email Marketing— Part I

Committing mistakes are a part and parcel in everyone’s life. We learn and evolve from our mistakes and try not to repeat the same error again. Making rookie mistakes will prove disastrous to the whole marketing campaign. These mistakes are not a misspelled word in the newsletter or an alignment issue. These mistakes are big are probably cannot be reverted and can possibly cause a loss in open rates and click-through rates. Here are some frequently committed mistakes by email marketers, which you should definitely not overlook.


Sender’s address is generic

Sending emails to the customers using generic email addresses such as no-reply, contactus or admin is a strict ‘NO’  because customers want to talk to real people and not mailboxes. It is an important aspect for generating interest in the minds of the customer to open the email. You need to make yourself available to customers instead of indicating that you are not interested in talking to them (This automatically happens when you use a generic email address). Customers are likely to return to your services and products if you are available to interact at any time.

Focus is on product and not the customer

Bragging about your product with or without evidences is easy, but it will never convert prospects into paying customers. You need to focus on the requirement of the target audience instead of what your product is capable of. If you only talk about your product and the benefit it offers, your marketing campaign will lead you nowhere because you need to tell the customers that you really care about their requirements.

Images are missed

An image speaks a thousand words, and according to a research the open rates of email with an image are higher than an email without an image. An image sparks an interest in the mind of the customer because they will not have to read the dull and the boring plain text again. A text link is clicked rarely by a customer, but the image links are loved and clicked more often.

We will reveal few more mistakes in the next post. So, until then keep reading!