Auto play Video – The Upcoming Trend of Email Marketing

Today’s world is largely receptive to changes and embedding a video in the mail is definitely not a trend. However, embedding an auto play video in the email, which opens as soon as the customer opens the email is a unique and an extremely easy way to send the message across to the customers. An auto-play video is extremely annoying on a website, but in an email serves the purpose it is supposed to target.

Need for an auto-play video

A customer, on an average receives close to 50 email per day and opening boring and static mails are hated by everyone. Instead, if you give customers something new, they will willingly read the mail and many of them can even become your future clients. If you analyze the email forwarding statistics, you will realize that email, which are unique in content or has an out-of-the box element attached to it are shared frequently by the customers. Embedding the auto-play video will surely create hype around your company and bring in new customers. If some results are to be believed, the click through rate of some auto-play video crossed 96%. Such a video will surely improve the email marketing campaign and will surely give an edge over the competitors. A video of this type comes to help when you have to target parents of young kids. Sending interesting, funny and creative video about the product or service the parent can use for their children, will surely help you build your brand in the minds of the customer.

 Can an auto-play video backfire?

A customer who is unaware of what the email holds for him/her, can get irritated if the video opens in the office. Therefore, selectively sending such a video to the customer is preferable and recommended. Avoid sending such mails in the middle of the day, you can trigger such mails either in the night or early morning. Moreover, if the customer opens the email via a mobile, the video is going to consume the bandwidth. Sending a small size video is recommended.