Amalgamation of Video and Email Marketing

After connecting the email newsletter to the social media platform, the next big thing is enticing the email users with an animated video. An interesting and creative video will definitely leave an invaluable first impression to the new readers and create a positive image in the eyes of the existing users as they will get to see something different than the boring old mayhem happening in the internet world.

1.Spark Interest

Sparking their innate feelings and emotions can do the trick easily. Whether in happiness or excitement once you are able to connect to the emotions of the users there is no looking back. Such videos need no popularity at all, they go viral on their own.

2.Inspire and be Simple

The key to success lies in simplicity and originality. A thought provoking video is a thousands times better than a funky and a meaningless video. Provide minimal yet compelling information so that the readers views it till the end and is forced to share it with others. An inspiring thought will provoke and instigate the users to be a part of your campaign.

3. Mirror image of the product

The theme, style and language of the video should clearly portray the product to safeguard product ingenuity. With so many options to choose from, the advertising department will enable them to produce remarkable and noticeable results.

4. Videos are most sought after

According to various surveys, videos have 40% more click rate than the plain text. This indeed is a whopping figure in the huge internet ocean and can turn the marketing figures in no time. Therefore, make a video that will become the talk of the tinsel town. Additionally, videos are a long term investment and must be dealt with utmost care and dedication.

With more than 1 billion users using the YouTube, connecting the email with the video platform will undoubtedly attract more customers and make the email marketing campaign go viral in no time.