All About Click Through Rate

Click through rate (CTR) is a major metric when it comes to email marketing. The CTR is used to show the user engagement of your audience and the success of the campaign can be easily measured. However, before considering this factor, you need to keep in mind that the CTR is dependent on a wide range of factors. Therefore, in-depth analysis would be required before coming to a conclusion.    It is dependent upon factors like subject line, link position, email length and call to action.

What can you know from the click through rate?

The average email CTR is usually the first things a plethora email marketer consider because a good email campaign will have a high rate of CTR and the same will be very low or bad for an underperforming campaign. Obviously, a lot of hard earned money and efforts go in vain if the campaign is ruined. This is because the success of an email marketing campaign is highly dependent upon the niche of your business and the type of newsletters that are sent across to the customers. A CTR gives indication towards the need of an email optimization.

How to make use of the CTR effectively?

As stated earlier, the CTR is dependent upon a lot of factors, therefore, the leading way to increase customer’s interest is by copying the campaigns for which the CTR has been significantly higher. This way you can easily revisit your earlier successful campaigns and implement the same strategies. Another way is by improving the content, send relevant newsletters and optimize the emails as per the requirement. Improvise on the content, grammar and try to motivate the users through call-to-action that actually will convert to customers.

Email marketing is undoubtedly the best marketing tool available to the marketer. Therefore, it is best to leverage its effectiveness to the maximum possible extent. CTR is easy to calculate, understand and explain it to the peers or colleagues. With CTR you can actually know where the marketing budget is getting utilized.

Unleash your creativity and you will definitely see a surge in the customers.