After Gmail it is Microsoft Trying to Revamp its Services

The world in the past few months has gone gaga over the changes that Google has implemented in its new version of Gmail. The excitement is because Gmail is widely used across the world. But, as a marketer other email service providers are equally important and you should try to tap them because they form a significant chunk of your prospective clients.

How is it different from Gmail?

Microsoft also revamped its services when it tried to give the control to the customers by introducing a ‘sweep’ function in A user using this functionality can now easily keep the unwanted promotional mails in a folder which will not be seen. A feature which is distinct and not found in Gmail is that in outlook the promotions and social tabs are not visible, they need to be clicked from the left column. Whereas this is not the case with Gmail. Marketers were apprehensive about this change as users will now not look in the promotional mails. But, reports and surveys revealed that the changes didn’t have much effect on the read rate.

Microsoft one step ahead

However, Microsoft has done a commendable job as now users receive promotional messages to which they have subscribed. The newsletter section as it is called in outlook receives no personal messages, and therefore, brands and marketers who can image their brand in a positive manner will come out with flying colors if they tap the outlook users.

Additional Features

The sorting feature of Microsoft is commendable as well because it allows user to shift the newsletter to the inbox and the users have a provision to make such mails come permanently to the inbox. However, this feature is optional and the user can disable the automatic sorting in no time.

With outlook the brands and companies will now have to build strong relationships with their users in order to succeed. If the email marketing campaign for the brand fails, then it becomes a daunting task for the company to gain the trust of the customers back. The future of a successful campaign is realistic messages and innovative promotional ideas.