Advantages of Permission Based Email Marketing

Even today permission-based email marketing is the best approach for a majority of the brands. Permission is when you have complete authorization of sending messages to a particular customer without the fear of reaching the spam folder. And, when readers are allowed to freely send messages, you can send as many marketing newsletters as possible. Therefore, focus on creating sign-up forms that allow the customers to give you permission. This way your email marketing campaign will definitely reach new heights. Here are a few benefits of seeking prior permission of the readers.


Comply with Anti-Spam laws

Readers who have already given their consent are less likely to filter your messages as spam. Unsolicited emails are dreaded by readers and prefer filtering the messages as spam. Additionally, you comply with the major anti-spam laws and it will prevent your emails from being marked as spam. It will enhance the deliverability rate and help in portraying your business as a potential leader. However, if you send irrelevant content, customers will definitely leave the email marketing campaign.

Preferred by readers

According to a survey, more than 70% of the readers prefer email over other means of communication. Emails irritate the readers when the content is irrelevant, forcing them to either mark the message as spam or unsubscribe from the newsletter. Additionally, email allows your readers to read, digest and reply to the messages. In the long-term, it will help you build long-term customer relationships because the email address of a majority of readers remains same even when they shift their residence.


Your email marketing may not involve impersonal messages and big graphics – a relevant email from someone in your business can prove effective in comparison to a generic mail. With email marketing, you can provide additional information and start sending tailored messages. Personalized messages capture the attention of the target readers because they know you care about their requirements. Focus on sending personalized messages to win the trust of your target readers.

You need to engage the readers and gain as many permissions as possible.