Adding Subscribers to the Mailing List

This is a tutorial series – ‘sending a campaign‘. Once you have finished adding a mailing list on your account, the next obvious step is to add new subscribers. Now there are two ways you can add subscribers. If you are just start off and want to send a couple of test campaigns, you can use the steps below to achieve that.

1) Point your mouse to ‘Subscribers‘ tab and click on ‘Create a Subscriber

2) Once the page is loaded, Enter the details of the ‘subscriber’ such as their ‘First Name‘, ‘Second Name‘ and their ‘Email Address‘. Please do remember that all these fields are mandatory. This allows you to personalize your newsletters (Dear ‘First Name’…). Then you select the ‘list‘ you would like them to be added to (you can choose as many lists as you like). The last field, ‘Notify user on subscription‘ simply means that he/she will be notified that you’ve added them to your mailing list.

There are also ‘Custom Fields‘ that you can add so your subscribers would have to enter additional information to subscribe. The information they enter can be used to personalize further.


3) Once you click ‘Subscribe‘ button after entering all the details, you’ll end up on the ‘Manage Subscribers‘ page which will list the subscriber you’ve just added with side-by menu that allows you to edit/delete that particular subscriber.