A few Email Marketing Tips

It’s true that handling email marketing is a complex job, but despite of all the practical reasons there is a lot of significance of email marketing on an online business. There are many successful and professional ways of handling email marketing program and campaign that would not let your business down. Here there are some tips on email marketing, which, if followed well can give you a good dividend for your investment.

1. Obvious Links

The first and foremost tip on Email Marketing is that, it is always necessary to drive crowds to your landing page. That can only be possible by driving clicks to the website through sign-ups traffic. So it is very much important to ensure that your email should have quite simple, Obvious Links to capitalize on each moment, where the user really believes compelled to click. Your mail should have valid paragraph of text with at least one link per paragraph. The message and action should be simple and authoritative, like “click here” or “make an order now”.

2. Image Exclusion

It is better not to include Images in your important messages and critical email. Most of the recipients do not go through the images, hence the space required for the images is nothing but sheer wastage. So you should rather give more emphasis on well-coded html tags then to upload image heavy design.

3. Unsubscription

There should be enough room for the user to leave your mailing list. When they get frustrated through not getting the way to remove their email from your list they start to flag your email as spam. That will be a harder situation where your mail would be found in junk folder instead of the inbox.

4. Inboxing

It is significant to ensure that your email should get into the inbox of the recipients from the very first day of your email marketing effort. You should consider all the facts so that the email should not go to the spam folder which will make you keep away out of the inbox for a pretty long time of weeks, months and even years.

5. Unlimited space

Generally you won’t get unlimited space in the inbox area to make your email design. Ensure that the template you use should not be more than 600 pixels wide with the first link at 100 pixels of height. There should be a secondary column stuffed with important message located on the left or right with your text. Thus, it is very vital to Maximize the Email Template Dimensions to get the benefit of the tool.

6. Keyword Stuffing

The most important tip is about the content design of the email, which should be concise, user trigger and well stuffed with required keywords. Along with that the most important messages should be highlighted or bolded to grab the attention of the recipients.