4 tips to Integrate Social Media into an Email Newsletter

Email newsletter today is one of the leading ways to share latest news, information and discounts with the customers. Through the newsletter, a plethora of information regarding the product or service can be exchanged, which cannot be done using any other medium. And, integrating the email newsletter with social media, you are simply leveraging the success of social media with your email marketing.

Below are mentioned some ways to grow your email followers using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

1. Create a share option in the newsletter

An email newsletter should always be accompanied by a share button for the users to share it on various social media sites. Information that the users really find useful will surely be shared and the chances of it going viral is huge. Offers and attractive discounts are sure to gain attention of the customers. Additionally, they will sign up for the newsletter if they find is useful. You can easily connect with the friends and family members of your customers through social media.

2. Keep it simple

Twitter is among the largest social networking site today and the company allows user to write just 140 characters. Keeping things simple will become a boon for your customers. For the Facebook users, send a simple form using the email newsletter to allow the customers to sign up for the newsletter. Making the sign up difficult for people will not help your company in anyway.

3. Entice people to sign up for the newsletter

People who join your email marketing by force will never become loyal customers and never value what you have to offer. Therefore, give the customers a genuine reason to subscribe.  The reason can be a free giveaway, discount offers, promotional codes and free coupons. Only when the customer have a genuine reason to subscribe, you can build brand value and equity.

4. Use newsletter to launch campaigns on social media

You can kick start yours social media campaign using the existing email list. This way you can leverage the effect and brand value of your email newsletter to launch or become visible on the social media platform. This will save your money and time as you do not have to look for the target customers.