6 Email Marketing Tricks to Improve your Open Rate – Part II

Even today email marketing has one of the biggest engagement rate and the return on investment is extremely high when compared to other marketing platforms. There are a plenty of mistakes that email marketers commit, which lowers down the open rate. A higher open rate is essential, otherwise, your readers will never read what lies inside your newsletter. In the previous post, you read about three great ways of increasing your open rate. In this article, read on to explore three more ways to improve your open rate.


Segment your list

When people decide whether to open your email or not, they should think your mails as relevant, otherwise, your messages will go unread. One of the leading ways to increase email relevancy is segment the marketing list. Start segmenting the subscribers based on the purchase behavior. When you send messages based on the interest of the readers, your brand becomes their favorite. Segment the marketing list using the demographics and interests of the target audience. This will also help you increase the open rate as customers will look forward to your newsletters.

Create an engaging subject line

You’re leaving money on the table, if you’re not testing the subject lines you send to the target readers. A/B testing is not meant only for websites and landing pages – it’s essential for subject line as well. Focus on casual and interesting subject lines because it’s the first thing that triggers the user to open the email. Without an engaging subject line reaching the hearts of the audience is impossible and you cannot entice the readers.

Format messages for mobile devices

If your newsletters don’ read properly on a mobile device, you’re in deep trouble. More than 70% of the readers use Smartphones to read their emails on a daily basis. When your email displays properly on a mobile device, it improves your open rate and enjoys a higher engagement rate. It will help you reach people who are interested in your brand.

Focus on increasing the open rate of your email marketing campaign.