6 Email Marketing Tricks to Improve your Open Rate – Part I

Many times your email get lost in the clutter of the inbox or worse in the spam folder. And, when a customer opens your message, they fail to click the CTA. Good inbound marketing tactics are essential for a successful email marketing campaign because you connect with people who want to hear from your business. Without a high open rate, engaging the readers is difficult and you end-up spending money on unnecessary marketing strategies. Here are a few ways to improve your open rate.

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Contact new subscribers within 24 hours

You need to leverage the chances when you are at the top of your prospects’ minds. This usually happens when a new customer joins the newsletter. It’s a great way of engaging the readers and setting an expectation. Therefore, set up an automated email workflow to send messages to people who join the newsletter. Sending messages within the first 24 hours will increase your chances of winning their trust. Marketers who fail to send welcome messages, miss out the opportunities to nurture and engage the existing contact list.

Send emails from a real person

When people receive messages from a company, they often overlook it. Recipients are more likely to trust a personalized sender name over a company name. And, it has been proven in the past as well. Messages from email ids as such noreply@abc.com and info@abc.com are never opened or read by the readers because such messages are usually auto-generated. Furthermore, people are inundated with spam messages that they fear to open any email from an unknown sender. Therefore, send messages having real name of the people working in your organization.

Keep the emails short

Why do you want to further clutter the inbox of the reader by sending long messages? People usually like short, concise and interesting messages. Additionally, because of the busy schedule, your readers scan the messages and never take the pain to read it word by word. They are more likely to skim through the message and take the desired action.