6 Email Marketing Challenges- Part II

Email marketing plays a key role in the sales process and inbound marketing. Businesses and companies prefer this platform to connect with the customers because of the numerous benefits associated with it. However, every good thing is always accompanied by not so good things, similarly many marketers find it difficult to overcome some of the hurdles of email marketing. In the previous post, you read about three major challenges every email marketer faces. Read ahead to explore three more challenges and the ways to overcome them to build a successful email marketing campaign.


Achieving measurable ROI

You can measure the ROI of a marketing campaign, if you’re successful in collecting and collating the data. If you’re unaware of how your marketing efforts are affecting the sales process, you can probably never measure the return on investment. You need to know how much website visit every campaign is able to generate and how much revenue you collect from every campaign. You need to track your customer from the point where they first visited your website to their final conversion as a customer. Achieving measurable ROI is not an easy process and you definitely need to create a closed loop marketing system to achieve your marketing goals.

Low click through rates

A plethora of marketers, find it difficult to maintain a constant click through rate even if the open rates are significantly on a higher side. If this happens, you don’t have a good chance to convert prospects into customers. Low click through rates may be disinterested customers, you can overcome it by sending re-engagement email campaigns every year and remove customer from the mailing list, if they do not respond to the re-engagement campaign. Additionally, reduce the frequency of messages because most customers dislike receiving messages on a frequent basis.

Using the email data

Integrating and gathering data from many resources allows the marketer to optimize the content based upon the preferences of the customer. However, many marketers, do not know how to use the email data for creating an irresistible email marketing campaign. The leading way to use the data is by compiling it to create better content.