6 Email Marketing Challenges- Part I

According to a research, email marketing is the least difficult marketing platform and is easy to execute when compared to other digital forms of marketing. It’s the leading channel to connect with the clients and offers immense scope. However, like all other marketing platforms, email too has its share of obstacles. The good news is that you can easily overcome these challenges and come out with flying colors. Here are a few challenges every marketer face during an email marketing campaign.


Earning new subscribers

Increasing the open rates and acquiring new customers is the biggest challenge for marketers. Earning new subscribers who willingly make a purchase are tough to find and marketers see no solution to this problem. If you want to win their trust, clearly state the benefits of your marketing campaign to the customers. A clear value proposition will help you answer the concerns, which a customer has before deciding to signup for your newsletter. Provide meaningful updates and irresistible special offers that are difficult to find online. Moreover, instead of buying a list, focus on organically building an authentic email list. Offer free trials and sample in exchange for a signup. Focus on delivering value to overcome this hurdle of email marketing.

Improving the delivery rate

Creating a compelling copy with an attractive headline is useless, if all your messages are landing in the spam folder. Surpassing the spam folders is a challenge for many businesses as it can hamper the reputation and tarnish the goodwill. And, when the deliverability rates stoop very low, you are permanently blocked by the internet service providers. You can avoid the spam filter and enhance the deliverability rate by not using the spam triggering word in your email copy. Words such as free, cash, earn, cheap, etc., triggers the spam filters and the messages reach the spam folder.

Customer retention

There is no point building an email list, when you are losing customers at a much faster pace. If you have a group of active subscribers, send relevant and meaningful messages. Correct customer segmentation improves the retention by 21%. Therefore, send the right message to the right audience.