5 changes to boost your email marketing campaign

Small businesses and large businesses all lack one thing in common. They all lack time. As they say, Money can’t buy happiness…neither buy us time. Sending an email marketing campaign is tough enough to get 100% right without any room for error. Therefore, we made a real effort to cut down on menu items so we don’t confuse people wanting to send their marketing campaign over. We still had to accommodate our power users which is why we laid advanced settings as sub menu to each main menus.

This has been a great success. We have managed to receive positive feedback from our users congratulating us for a great job on the new control panel. Now that we made email marketing software simple, we wanted help you do the same for your email marketing campaigns. We want to make the preparation process as simple as possible with great report to look at the end.

Below are list of things that will surely boost your email campaign up. 

1) Preheader Text – This is the cream on top of a delicious muffin if you like. Its the bit that convinces your readers to carry on reading your email campaign. It is also sometimes known as the secondary subject line. Its powerful because it appears right below the subject line in most email clients. Given that you get your subject line right, and a powerful preheader text…your campaign is on its way to glory.

2) Table of Content – We are not talking about a long list of  items in your email campaign but rather a creative display through graphics or text that showcases what to expect and where to navigate to. You have to understand that most of your audience (no matter what industry you operate in) are busy. The more efficient and time saving your email campaign is, the better it will perform. Table of content through creative elements definitely helps you achieve just this.

3) Alt Text – If you have been designing email campaigns yourself, you must have noticed a prompt for writing Alt tag. Your should never ignore it especially for images because when people open your email campaign, they will see nothing but blank space. Having alt tag, displays the text so that the readers have some idea on what to expect. They also know if there is an email block that may interest them. You dont have to use these tags to describe what the image is specifically but the action you want your subscribers to take. For example on a car image…I might have text saying “Save 20% when you hire Ford Falcon XR 6 this weekend!”. This would draw my attention if I need a nice flashy car for this weekend.

4) Social Sharing Icons – Social media is massive and it is continually growing each day. Untapping this source of traffic in your email campaign is essential, if not, crucial. Our email marketing software allows you to add all major social sharing icons through one easy link. We automatically attach these icons when people view your email campaign through “View it in browser” link. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest not only help you find more customers but also actively engage with your existing users by communicating through the platform they already use.

5) Provide an Incentive/Special Offer – Many people subscribe to your mailing list because they find it something of a value. Including a discount or a special offer that only subscribers get would give them a reason to stay subscribed. This is a very good tip to reduce down the un-subscription rate of your mailing lists. It has also been found through much research that providing incentives like these have direct connection with new customer sales.

We hope this has been helpful. Please do share if you have any other tips that would boost an email campaign.