5 Benefits of Using Email Marketing

Email marketing is growing at a rate, which has made a plethora of people think why it is beneficial to a business. Ask yourself- how many times in a day do you check your mailbox? The reason behind the success of email marketing has been answered by the above question. Today, a number of growing and successful businesses use email marketing to attract customers and build long term relationship.

Some of the benefits or advantages of using email marketing are mentioned below.

1. It is global

You might counter question by saying that even social media is global, but with email marketing targeting the customers is straightforward. You can send thousands of users within a single click whereas for social media, you will have to wait for the content to reach your target audience.

2. Immediate results

Running a 24 sale and marketing it through the email is bound to drive sizeable customers. Such an email will create urgency in the minds of the customer as the sale will last only a day and they are bound to take action. On the other hand, any other marketing platform will ensure you wait at least for a few weeks for the results to become visible.

3. High ROI

In the competitive world, a high return on investment is desired as it keeps the business afloat without any difficulties. Email marketing undoubtedly is the leader when it comes to ROI. The return can be as high as $40 for every $1 invested. The scope, potential and reach of email marketing is colossal, by spending a meager amount of money you can actually build long-term relationship, enhance the sales chart and penetrate different market segments.

4. Impulse Buying

Email marketing platform is a boon for businesses, which largely focusses on impulse buying. There is no other marketing platform till date, which allows user to view the offer and purchase it within 2 or 3 clicks. Email newsletters with a call to action button can without fail drive in sales like no other marketing channel.

5. Creating an email is simple

You do not need a team full of technical people to draft a compelling and attractive newsletter for the customers.