4 Ways to Ensure Customers Read Your Email

With hundreds of unread emails in the mailbox, it becomes a mountainous task for the customer to open every email and read it until the end. Therefore, it is extremely necessary that you draft an email in a way a customer is forced to open it and read the content in the given newsletter or email. The following ways will assist you achieve this in an extremely simple way.

1) Crisp and creative subject line

The subject line is the first thing a customer reads and decides the fate of the particular email. Therefore, having a crisp, creative and a catchy subject-line will ensure that your email is read by the customer. Basically, the subject line will give the customers a broad overview of what lies inside the email.

2) Choosing the right time

A number of times email goes unread or are marked spam because the time at which they are sent is totally inappropriate. Sending mails when people are just about to leave office or during lunch hours is a strict no because these are the crucial hours when a working person is either in a hurry to leave for home or have a relaxed lunch break. A newsletter sent at such hours will only be surpassed by the customer, thereby ruining your email marketing campaign.

3) Call to action button

Sending promotional email without any call to action button is completely futile because you are not giving the customers a chance to click and visit your offering. Merely increasing the open-rate of an email is not going to help you. A call to action button asking the users either to subscribe or visit the company’s website will lead to potential client and will further enhance the revenues of your company.

4) Keep it short

Time and again marketers pressurize on the fact that the length of the email should be kept as short as possible. Keeping the length of the email short is actually fruitful because it becomes easy for the customer to gauge or skim through the email quickly. On the other hand, an email, which needs to be scrolled is less preferred as it consumes a lot of time.