4 Tips For Email Re-engagement

Re-engagement with inactive customers has become an essential tool for email marketing because you connect with people who have previously made a purchase from your brand. From small businesses to large organizations brands are attempting to re-establish connection with their inactive consumers. You need to focus on your email marketing strategy to deliver content that will invoke the interest of the readers. However, remember never to same messages to these customers. Focus on crafting different offers and promotional items to win the trust of the readers. Here are a few tips for email re-engagement.


While sending messages to the readers at regular interval of time is suggested, you need to maintain a balance in frequency when it comes to re-engagement campaigns. Analyze the habits of the inactive customers when they were active and accordingly send messages. Furthermore, never send too many email copy in a week as it will frustrate the customers. As a brand, you need to recognize the needs of your customer and tailor the marketing campaign towards their need.


Sending the same message to active and inactive customers will not serve the purpose. Your customers became inactive due to a reason and you need to understand the reason for their inactivity. Therefore, segment the readers based on the engagement level of the customers. Separate the customers who engage once in a month with those engage once in two months. You need to send different campaign offers to ensure you revive the trust of your brand. Properly segmenting your email list will ensure you reach the desired audience in no time.


Most brands focus on sending lucrative offers instead of working on a theme such as birthdays or holidays. Theme based re-engagement campaign witnesses the highest success rate because you wish the customer on their birthdays or anniversaries. When you incorporate a promotional item, customers are likely to engage with your campaign.


You can instigate the interest by holding contests. Usually, contests increases the engagement level and helps you re-connect with the inactive customers.

Focus on your email re-engagement campaign to reach the desired audience.