4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing an Email Marketing Service Provider

Email marketing tool is one of the leading tools to build a rapport with the customers and reach out to a large target audience. And, hiring a professional email marketing service provider is the first step in the right direction.

The professional service provider will definitely cater to all your needs by offering a plethora of features and benefits. However, before hiring such services, you should keep the following points.

1. How is the cost related to the number of subscribers?

Different service providers offer different cost depending on the number of subscriptions you are targeting to. Some charge $150 for 20000 users, whereas others might offer you 20000 subscriptions in $60. Therefore, it is extremely essential that you carry out a market research to hire a provider, who offer the services at a reasonable price.

2. Is the platform used user-friendly?

A user-friendly interface will not only be easy to understand, but it will save precious business hours, which otherwise would have been wasted trying to code some complex HTML. Additionally, ensure that the service provider does not charge you extra for the templates and offer you a number of interesting email templates to choose from. A user-friendly interface will not require training and the time saved can be effectively used to build a viral marketing campaign.

3. How is the support and customer service of the email service provider?

Even the slightest level of complexity in the interface, will demand a friendly and timely support and customer service. A number of service providers offer round the clock support, whereas others support only during the business hours. Many providers may only provide a manual or blog to troubleshoot the problems you are facing. Therefore, decide on the quality of customer service and the type of support an email service provider is offering.

4. What all is covered in the analytics?

Without analytics, an email marketing campaign is like a human with no backbone. Therefore, ensure that the provider offers in-depth analysis of every email marketing campaign. Look for a detailed analytical program.