4 Things every Email Marketing Campaign must do in 2014

1) Burn out some calories

This is the right time to cut down your email list. If open rate of your email campaign is less than the expected, concentrate your efforts on who are and who are not reading your emails. Possibility is there that subscribers have not opened your email from a long time. Your goal of being successful marketer can’t be fulfilled if your subscribers do not open your email. Few ways to cut down your subscriber list are deleting inactive users from your records, asking user to re confirm, and deleting all email id that bounces every time.

2) Organize yourself

Advertising campaigns are most successful when done consistently. The key is to develop a marketing strategy which is consistent with your objectives, you want to attain in the given period. Make a note of, what schedule you should follow for your marketing campaign, weekly half monthly, or monthly. Analyze the performance of your previous campaign to see which campaign had the highest open rate and click through rate to determine attractive subject lines and interest of your subscribers. This analysis will also help in identifying the campaign with low open rate and high unsubscribe rate. It will help to avoid repeating the same old mistakes.

3) Travel

Try to travel with your subscribers. If your campaigns are not concentrating on mobile phones, you are forgetting something really important. According to comScore report of August 2013, approximately 145 million user use smartphones, which makes up more than 60% of the mobile phone users.  If a user opens your email in phone, and is unable to read it easily on phone, 89% will delete it and 27% will unsubscribe without giving it a second thought.

4) Give back to the society

You can give back to society by sharing knowledge with them. E mail notifications and company blogs are the best way to do so. Use these means to inform your users about latest market trend and offerings. The more you give away, the more you get back. People prefer to purchase from people they trust, not from people who consider them like a sale.