4 Merry Email Marketing Strategies

The holiday season is gradually drawing near, which is making email marketers nervous because they’re brainstorming different ideas to win the trust of the readers. Christmas and New Year is the time of the year, when customers wholeheartedly fish out money from their pockets to buy gifts. It is considered auspicious in many parts of the world to purchase new things during this time of the year. As an email marketer, you need to create an impactful and merry email marketing campaigns to stand out during the holiday season. Here are a few ways of creating winning email marketing strategies.


Know your dates

The first step of building a successful email marketing campaign is to know the essential dates, though New Year and Christmas falls on the same date, the day of the week shifts. Furthermore, many festivals such as Thanksgiving, black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Free Shipping Day, Winter Solstice and many other important days fall in the month of November and December. When you’re building a marketing plan, remember to include at least one mailer content for each day to attract the readers.

Focus on mobile friendly emails

The open rates on a mobile device have increased drastically over the years and the number will only increase in the coming years. It’s extremely critical to send messages that are not only eligible, but looks amazing as well. If the email messages don’t perform extremely well on a mobile device, you’re likely to miss out on opportunities to build a relationship bond with the readers. Without a mobile friendly email, reaching the desired audience is not only difficult, but it will create a negative impression as well.

Use big and bold images

Big and bold imagery content is undoubtedly getting results and the holiday season is probably the perfect time to win the readers. However, don’t overdo it as will not attract the desired readers.

Remind people what they like

The holiday season is the perfect time to remind the customers what they like and what they can possibly gift their friends and family members. You can focus on sending a gift guide to the readers and promote the products to the subscribers.