360 Degree View of your Email Marketing Campaign – Part II

Open and click rates are important to understand the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign, but today these two are not just sufficient. And, according to the latest trend of a 360 approach for the email marketing campaign, simply relying heavily on the large email database is not going to convert the emails into potential leads. Instead, if the campaign effectiveness evaluation is done based on the data that clearly reveals the expectation of the customer is going to help improve the emails marketing campaign.

Metric # 1 A goal in mind

A majority of marketers does not consider a goal in mind as a potential metric, but until or unless a goal is defined, you can never judge the failure or success rate of the campaign. Today all businesses are unique and therefore, even their goals are unique. Some want to achieve maximum click-rates, some to increase the number of subscriptions and some want more leads through the email marketing campaign. Therefore, one of the most important metric is having a goal or objective, which is clearly defined.

Metric #2 ROI

The struggle with email marketing is not to instigate a loyal customer, the main aim is to convert a non-buyer into a buyer. Now, for example, a user visits your website, but did not buy anything from it, the person in short has abandoned your offer. The need is here to think about a retarget plan, to capture the interest of the non-buyers. Calculating the return on investment is probably one of the leading ways to determine the effectiveness of the campaign you are running.

 Metric #3 Understand the delivery report of the ISP

Acquiring and understanding the statistics and report of the ISP’s is extremely important. The ISP will provide you the following set of metrics, which needs a thorough analysis.

  • The number of spam complaints by the user
  • Number of emails send on invalid addresses (hard bounces)
  • The gross delivery rate

It is essential to work out the spam complaints because a plethora of such complaints will make your email address permanently banned. The email addresses, which have marked your newsletter as spam, should be removed from the list as soon as possible.