360 degree view of your Email Marketing Campaign – Part I

Email metrics are the leading source for the proper functioning of the email marketing campaign. The effectiveness of an email marketing campaign is judged on the basis on what your metrics say and any broken metric will surely pinch you to the maximum. Additionally, a 360 degree view of the campaign will help you understand the loopholes and the good aspects of the email marketing campaign.

What is useful?

Open rates and conversion rates go hand-in-hand with each other. They are basically two different sides of the same coin called email marketing. Moreover, if the campaign is receiving a very high open rate with extremely low click-through rates, then it should be a matter of concern. The inverse relation between these two metrics depicts that the subject line did the work as it was supposed to, but the email content did connect well with the customers. On the contrary, if the click through rates are high and the open rates are low, it depicts that the email was liked by a portion of the email list.

What to do when good email metrics do not convert to sales?

A good metrics always, do not ensure high converts. If you are facing such a problem, then you really need to dig deep into the metrics and find the root cause of the problem. Here are few ways to deal with the situation:

  1. Compare the metrics by dividing the list according to the region, age group, gender or country.
  2. Compare the effectiveness of different email marketing campaigns with the one, which is currently in progress.
  3. Through the metric try to find the subject line, which actually attracted a lot of clients.
  4. Compare your open rate throughout the day as it will help you understand the best time to send emails to the targeted audience.

After studying the above said points carefully, it is now time to dig deep into the email campaign analytics. Without analytics, you are actually missing out on a lot of potential information, which otherwise would have helped you reach the zenith in the email marketing world.