3 Ways to Reach the Largest Customer Base

Connecting with everyone using an email is impossible, but you can definitely reach and connect with millennials with email marketing. According to a survey conducted, more than 58% of the millennials consider email as the leading platform to receive any sort of business communication. With these statistics in mind, you can build a strong connection and foster customer loyalty. The more you focus on building a loyal target audience, the better it will be for your business. Reaching a large, yet loyal customer base is essential for a successful email marketing campaign.

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Meet these customers on Mobile

Your millennials customers are slowly drifting content consumption from desktop to mobile and tablets. And, according to a research by Adobe, more than 88% millennials use a smartphone today to check their emails. Email marketers need to optimize their content for easy viewing on their mobile device. You need to leverage the effectiveness of responsive email design to ensure that messages automatically adjust according to the screen size of the customer’s mobile. Additionally, your messages should be extremely easy to load otherwise your audience will discard your content. A successful mobile marketing strategy is essential to reach the hearts of the millennial audience. Focus on sending more relevant and interesting information to the readers to win their trust.

Synchronize with Social media

According to a report, more than 75% of the millennial customers have created profiles on at least one social media platform. Your customers seek information about your product and brand from social media. You need to create newsletters dedicated towards different social media platforms. Today, reviews on social media is a great plus for your brand. Positive reviews on social media platforms will help you win the trust and drive traffic to your website. You need to synchronize your social media marketing with email marketing to reap maximum benefits.

Make the newsletters visually appealing

The millennial generation is more fascinated and attracted towards visually appealing newsletters. Therefore, focus on using a lot of images in your communication and newsletter to increase customer engagement.