3 Ways to Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

Despite many years of apprehension that email marketing will eventually be replaced or fade away, the day is yet to arrive. In fact, email marketing is a leading platform to connect with the readers as it provides a great communication platform. Of course, there is always scope for some improvement and marketers need to constantly make changes to attract the target audience. Here are a few ways to improve your email marketing campaign.

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Using image based emails

Using only image based emails may lead to disastrous email marketing campaign because many email clients like Outlook automatically block the images. It means that most of your images are not visible to the readers, instead a broken stuff is visible. Customer loses interest and filters your message as spam. Instead, focus on using text along with an image to make the email more appealing to the readers. Therefore, write short descriptive messages for the readers to scan and include the same information on the image.

Not having a clear call to action (CTA)

One of the biggest challenges in email marketing is not having a clear call to action. It’s as simple as this, if the readers are unable to understand what course of action is expected they’re more likely to delete your messages and move to another subscriber. Therefore, before sending the email to the readers, you should know what you’re expecting from the reader. You can test your email with a friend or family member and see how they respond within 5 seconds of reading the message.

Keep the preview pane in mind

Understand that your readers will review your message through a pane with the images blocked. Therefore, you need to ensure that the CTA and information is above the fold and is visible when the images are blocked. Your readers will glance at the preview pane and the subject line to understand whether or not to open your email messages.

Furthermore, allow your readers to manage their email subscription so that they don’t leave your email marketing campaign.