3 Ways to Enhance Email Deliverability

According to a survey, one in every four email messages saw its way to the spam folder. The increase is primarily due to email service providers given the power to an email user to block certain email addresses. Email marketers will be blamed and held responsible for the decreasing email deliverability. As a marketer, you will have to become more selective and careful in sending messages to the target audience. The following three tips will help enhance the deliverability rates and success of the email marketing campaign.


Consistent volume

High volume senders of the email are considered a nightmare by the customers because every now and then, email messages are being sent. When the volume emails are irrelevant and not useless the problem only increases. Such marketers are red flagged by the readers and they do not hesitate to filter the messages as spam. Remember, if you are sending a high volume of emails, firstly, send meaningful, and interesting content, and secondly ensure the volume is consistent throughout. If you send one message per week and later on increase it to ten messages per week, you will definitely get caught by the vigilant eyes of the ISPs.

Low bounce rate

Maintaining a low bounce rate is another key factor assisting in improving the deliverability rate of the email marketing campaign. You come in the good books of the ISPs, when a low percentage of the messages are returned back due to temporary unavailability of the email addresses. If a lot of messages are bouncing back, it indicates that the readers are not engaged and you are not up-to-date with the information of your customers. Reducing the bounce rate is essential if you want your email marketing campaign to flourish.

Avoid blacklist appearance

One blacklist appearance is enough to get your email address permanently blocked by the ISPs. Senders with a low bounce rate, high engagement and low hits on the spam traps, rarely make it to the blacklist. A good sender’s reputation will help you convince the blacklist administrator to remove your email address from the blacklist.