3 Tips for Email Marketing for 2016

Starting your new year in style with email marketing and give your brand a new look altogether. Email marketing is one of the leading methods to build a long term customer relationship. It not only connects with the user group, but even open lines of communication with the inactive and dormant customers. And, with the New Year round the corner, why not bring back the old customers and engage the existing users through quality content. Here are a few tips for email marketing in the year 2016.


Subject Line

What is one thing, which encourages your readers to open the email? It is not the offers inside, in fact, it is the subject line of the email. The subject line should be short, crisp and to the point because only then it will generate interest in the minds of the readers. Unleash your creativity and use strong action words in the subject line. Additionally, create a subject line relevant to the message inside. If the subject line tells the customer about a discount during the New Year, then the message should not speak about a sales campaign. Additionally, do not use capital letters in excess as they trigger the spam filters and the message will land in the spam folder of the mailbox. Work on the subject line and create a genuine first impression.

Email Segmentation

Segmenting the mailing list based upon their interest and purchase history is a great way to increase the marketing statistics. Segmentation helps to increase engagement and conversion rates because when customers receive information based upon their interest, they are more likely to make a purchase. You can increase the marketing effectiveness during the holiday season by sending messages to the target customers. Segment the customers and see the difference in the results.

Set realistic expectations

Ensure that everyone in your organization is aware about the marketing goals, so that the marketing campaign is designed with realistic expectations. Ensure all the goals are achievable and the customers are engaged for a long time.

Use email marketing effectively in 2016 and reap benefits.