3 Steps to More Effective Auto-responders

Marketing automation features like email marketing is receiving a lot of glory, another marketing automation tool like auto-responder is not getting the desired limelight and is not being used by the email marketers across the world. Auto-responder emails are usually deployed to provide a response to an action like filling out a form. It is another way to interact deeply with the customers and ensure that engagement is maintained. They can be used to send a welcome message to the customer or link containing information such as event registration or white papers. Today, incorporating email auto-responders in the email marketing have become an effortless task and it seems like a no-brainer. For auto-responder to become successful, you should follow the given below tips:

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1. Put your content

Auto-responders are a powerful tool in itself, but you still have to add relevant content because only then the customers will understand the messages and take the desired action. For example, if you want to welcome a new customer on board using the auto-responder, the subject line should explicitly state ‘Welcome to the____’. If the subject is absurd or deteriorates from the main message, the marketing campaign might not perform as expected. Following email compliance diligently will help you build long-term relationship with the customers.

2. Create opportunities for engagement

Merely sending links to white papers or forms for some online seminar will not serve the purpose of customer engagement. For example, if the seminar is about email validation, you can send relevant links about the same to the customer to read before the session begins. This way the customer will be engaged and remain happy because you have shared useful information with the customers. The success of any email marketing campaign lies in how effectively the marketing campaign has been communicated to the customers.

3. Customize

Customization is the Mother of all tricks and tips for email marketing. When emails are triggered from a specific user instead of generic addresses, the impact created is everlasting. It has been found that customers love the concept of customization.