3 Reasons Why Email Marketing is your Best Friend

Email marketing over the years have successfully managed to capture the interest of both readers and marketers. Customers are undoubtedly irked by too many promotional messages, but if you focus on proven email marketing tactics, you can easily increase your business. Email is and will continue to dominate the sector in the coming years. Social media indeed is gaining pace in the global market, but when you look at the bottom-line impacts, the results are unsatisfactory when compared to email marketing. Email is the future and is your best friend in the following ways.


Delivers result

More than 72% of the customers agree to the fact that email is their preferred way of communication when it comes to commercial messages. Furthermore, many statistics have proved that email is highly effective in sharing content with a wide range of stakeholders. Email promotions are 3-5 times better than and more effective when communicating with the target audience. If you send interesting and relevant messages, you can easily reap the benefits of email marketing and win the trust of your readers. Furthermore, email results in 40 times more customer acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. The impact of email marketing for every business is worth the every effort.

Provides control

You’re the sole owner of your marketing list and even if Google or any other social media platform make any changes, your brand image and list will remain intact. Additionally, no other form of communication provides you with the ability to send targeted messages to the readers. You share tailor-made content based upon the purchase history of the customers. You have full control of whom you send, why you send and when you send.

Cost Effective

You will end up spending hundreds of dollars on acquiring customers through social media. But, with email marketing, you spend less than $1 and you reach hundreds of customers. You save money and build a strong email list of customers.

Email is your best friend, if you know how to deal with it. Focus on sending messages according to your email marketing strategy.