3 P’s of Email Marketing

Finding the right target audience for your email marketing campaign is like deciphering a hard code. Marketers do endless trials to reach the audience and make their product visible. The right mix of people, products and processes are the leading way to create a successful marketing campaign. These three P’s of email marketing are essential to achieve rewarding results. As a marketer, you need to ensure a proper combination of these 3 P’s.

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Both the people in your organization and your target audience plays a key role in determining the brand value of your product. In your company, the number of people you put in for your email marketing channel indicates the level of importance you provide to it. Simply, dedicating a large team for sending newsletters will not work unless the team is qualified and aware about the best practices of creating an interesting campaign. According to a survey, a company having 500 employees or less, usually only have one or two people dedicated to enticing the email readers. The number slightly grows for large corporations. You need specialized email marketers to attract the target audience.


Email marketing approach and processes will vary from organization to organization. Certain companies follow the single opt-in process, whereas others rely on the double opt-in procedure to acquire the subscribers. Having processes in place can easily prevent marketers from making some common mistakes. For example, if you follow the single opt-in process, you need to verify the email addresses on a regular basis, while the same is not true for the double opt-in process. As a marketer, you need to focus on following a fixed process to reach the hearts of your target audience.


There is a plethora of free things out on the internet, but not every free thing is always right. Therefore, sending free content or eBook without understanding the requirement of your customers is definitely not a good idea. Same goes when you select a content planning tool. Some tools might be easy and free-to-use, but certainly there are other tools that are worth the investment. Research and choose such tools for your email marketing campaign.