3 Proven Ways to Carry Out Email Marketing Campaign

Utilizing email marketing to send out newsletter to corporate people, you are probably missing out on a lot of potential customers and leaving out on a potential revenue stream. In order, to build a large customer base, you will have to spend some quality time to ensure that email marketing campaign is successful. The tools and strategy will help you achieve success and connect with a large customer base. It will help you build a brand image and build loyal customer base. You can follow the given proven ways to carry out email marketing and notice the difference yourself.

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1. Design

Design is one of the major aspects of email marketing and the more user friendly your design is, the more customers, you are going to acquire. Clean, simple and easy designs which are easy to read, and pleasing to the eyes are loved by customers and have a high open rate than the other designs used. Even if your design consists of only text, it will be liked by the customers, if the content is original and relevant. According to a research, personalized email receives a better response than a generic email. Therefore, try to personalize the design based on the customers and segment the mailing list accordingly.

2. Drip Campaigns

Drip email marketing campaigns are the ones, which are set up in advance and automatically triggers whenever a particular event occurs. For example, whenever a customer, sign up for the mailing list, he/she receives a welcome email automatically and instantly. Drip campaigns have the highest click through rate and open rate than the other types of campaign. Customers find the welcome email engaging and it helps create the first impression, which is extremely essential in email marketing. Additionally, drip campaigns are an indication to the customers that the organization or the company values their presence in the mailing list.

3. Focus on single messaging

A cluttered marketing campaign will surely destroy all the nurtured relationships. Therefore, it is essential to focus on single messaging and avoid cluttering the newsletter with a lot of links and call to action buttons.