3 Key Areas of Improvement in your Email Marketing Strategy

With the advent of technologies a plethora of companies today prefer developing mobile apps and dealing with the new wave technologies that email is actually ignored. However, even in 2015 email marketing is going to hold the key place because of its effectiveness, reliability and low cost. Today, the number of people using smartphones has drastically improved and emails are being read on the mobile device. However, with each increasing day it is even more essential to focus on areas where a company is actually lacking.

The three key areas which require focus is as follows:

1. Strategy

With numerous way available to connect with the audience, devising a strategy or implementing strategic changes to the email marketing is essential. Consider optimizing your email marketing for different devices or target a different geography or change the timings and frequency to send emails. Cleaning your list regularly is another strategic change that can be implemented and the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign can be improved.

2. Broaden your content

Always sending a sales pitch to customers is obviously not a good idea. Instead, you can send customers content which adds value to their existing knowledge. Content which can capture the attention of the audience will craft deeper and loyal relationships. The content sent across to the customers should not be limited or too much focused on the services or the products you are offering. For example, if you are a golf accessory company, you can send interesting facts and figures about the rich history of the game, its evolution and the current scenario. If only promotional emails and discounts are sent to the customer, the interest in the long run can be lost.

3. Unleash your creativity

Marketing is all about innovations and creativity which can keep the users engaged for a long time. The ball is in your court and you have to decide on the type of email content you provide to the readers. You have to choose between real life stories and virtual stories. You can prefer a content which will make the users think deep or send content which is funny and will enlighten the mood of a reader.