3 Innovative Strategies to Optimize the Email Marketing Campaign

Are you missing out on potential sales and customers because your email marketing campaign is ineffective? Below you will find 3 innovative marketing strategies which will help you achieve the best from the marketing campaign and ensure that no customers go back unhappy. Follow the given below steps to optimize the email marketing campaign and ensure you reap the maximum benefits from the same.


1. Focus on creating visually interesting content

A plethora of customers today want to view an email that is fully optimized and is in the HTML format. You can try to create and attract customers by creating visually interesting content because first of all, graphics and visuals leaves a long lasting impression in the minds of the customer and secondly graphics can be seen and understood within a jiffy. A customer will have to read the whole email to understand the content and take action. Use images that depict the storyline of your email correctly because generic pictures are not going to create an impact in the minds of the customers. Make the email message visually interesting and you will see a dramatic rise in the open and the click-through rate.

2. Focus on emails with social sharing

Social media is undoubtedly very large and if you can create a sink between the social media and the newsletters you send to the customer, you will never have to look back at the email campaigns that did not deliver as expected. Additionally, according to research, emails with a social sharing button has more than 150% chance of getting opened. So, you can decide on your own as to how much you are missing by not focusing on social sharing.

 3. Send personalized messages

Personalized messages from long are creating an impact and will continue to do so in the future. Personalization brings a sense of closeness and the customers feels valued. A small gesture from your end will help you build long term customers. Instead of greeting the customers as ‘Dear Customer’, try to greet them as’ Dear Suzy’ or ‘Dear Peter’.