3 Email Metrics you Should Focus On

With a huge data relating to email marketing available, it becomes extremely difficult to focus on the bottom line, which actually affects the deliverability of the messages. The only way to reach the hearts of the target audience is by identifying and analyzing the data obtained after a marketing campaign. You need to understand that grasping the web metrics is simpler than understanding each and every aspect of email marketing. You need to evaluate the following parameters to understand the success of the marketing campaign and accordingly make the required changes in the campaign.


Subscriber Retention Rate

The subscriber retention rate focusses primarily on two things-firstly whether you are sending relevant messages to the customers or not and secondly whether you are sending the mails to a healthy and clean mailing list. If the subscriber retention rate is low, you need to scrub the mailing list and send relevant content to the customers. A healthy mailing list increases every email metrics and content relevancy increases engagement. Engaging the customers in email marketing is essential as it will increase the revenue and help in maintaining the brand value.

Email engagement

Email engagement is the phase, which occurs between the open rate and the click-through rate. You can easily track the time for which the email was opened. You will know that whether the email was immediately deleted by the customer or it was read.  If the customers delete the message immediately, the email will be opened for less than 2 seconds and if the customer has spent time to read the email the time taken will be more than 8 seconds. The engagement rate will help you truly determine the success of the email marketing campaign.

Subscriber Action Rate

This rate will help you determine the day and time at which your emails are read maximum by the customers. It is an important metric because you will understand how well your emails are consumed by the customers. After understanding the subscriber action rate, you can send all your communication to the customer at the desired time of the day.