3 Email Marketing Trends to Die in 2016

Email marketing trends change every year due to the changing requirement and technological advances. Shelving these outdated trends is essential for any email marketing campaign to shine. Marketers need to be well-equipped and have ample knowledge about their brand to make sure the messages reach the intended target audience. Trends are more like seasons, they come and go, people adjust according to the temperature they feel. Likewise, sticking to a trend that is no longer given importance is like banging your own head on the wall. Here are a few email marketing tactics, you should completely remove from your marketing routine.


Sending messages without an unsubscribe option

Every email communication should provide a provision to the reader to leave the marketing campaign. Forcing these customer to stay connected is inviting unnecessary trouble. Firstly, the recipients are not interested in receiving information from your end and continuously bombarding messages will only lower your sender’s reputation. Secondly, these readers will never move up the sales funnel and will lower all your marketing statistics. It is paramount to honor each and every opt-out request as soon as possible to avoid penalties.

Massive email signature

You may have a large audience and a fabulous product to offer, but including links of every social media website you are a part of and mentioning the prizes you have won in the email signature line, will surely turn off the recipient. Never overwhelm the users with a massive signature line, especially when the readers want to know the easiest way of reaching to your brand for any queries. Moreover, adding to many graphics and text lines in the signature line will hide the importance of the main message and divert the attention of the prospect.

Too many call to action

An individual daily receives a plethora of messages, some of which may be work related, others may be consistent offers and illicit messages. Sending email messages with too many call to action will further confuse the reader and will fail to stay in the sales funnel channel. Consider staying focused on what you want from the customer.