3 Email Marketing Tip to Improve your Open and Click-Through Rate

Email marketing is more about sending emails to customers who actually want to learn about your business. Your emails would be opened and read by subscribers who are interested in receiving information. But, it is not as easy as it seems because you may face several challenges while deploying your email marketing strategy. Marketers find it difficult to reach the inbox of the readers, which eventually reduces the open rate. Additionally, when a customer opens your email, they are not clicking the call-to-action, which hurts the click-through rate. Here are a few simple tips to improve your open and click-through rate.

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Send messages to the new subscribers within 24 hours

You need to set-up an email automation that is triggered the second a customer signup for your newsletter. It’s a great way to set customer expectation and provide the readers a reason to stay connected. When the first message is sent after 24 hours, the customer tends to forget about it and doesn’t care about reading or acknowledging the message. Your new customers have agreed to sign up because they found something useful and promising, you need to live up to that expectation. Therefore, set up an email automation to create a first impression.

Optimize the subject lines

Vague, long and irrelevant subject lines are a big turn off and will never yield positive results. A subject line that is greater than 50 characters are cut out by the mobile devices, thereby reducing readability. Focus on creating time-sensitive subject lines such as Limited time offer to pique the interest of the readers. You also need to avoid spam triggering words such as ‘Free’ , ‘Cash’ or ‘ Click email’. Last, but not the least, your subject line should be in-line with the body of the email otherwise it will result in confusion.

Send short and concise messages

Believe it or not!

Today, customers don’t have time to read lengthy email messages. People prefer to read short and concise email copy over lengthy messages. Therefore, if you send long messages, you’re likely to turn away the readers.