3 Email Marketing Tactics NGOs are Not Aware Of

Today, many companies are deploying email marketing strategies as their secret weapon as it’s delivering the intended results. But, you need to constantly tweak changes in your tactics to win the trust of the target readers. Without a proper strategy in mind, you’re less likely to attract fundraisers and you marketing campaign will go for a toss. The benefits of email marketing is innumerable for a NGO. Here are a few email tactics that will help the NGO perform better.


Organize fund raising events

Fundraising events are a great way to increase the funding for your NGO. Send tailored messages to fund raiser at the right stages. Never send all the information in one email as you will have nothing to send in the later stages of the event. Create excitement about the event and let the customers know the benefits of contributing to the society. Additionally, before the readers leave your website, include a pop-up stating that it’s your last chance to donate and make an impact on the society.

Help needy people

Email doesn’t just increase the fundraising campaigns, it allows you to connect with people who are genuinely in need. As an NGO when you help people in need, your brand image improves and you attract the potential fund raisers to your website. Furthermore, if your goodness reaches the Facebook readers, your NGO is likely to receive huge responses from around the world. You need to work toward creating a society wherein people don’t fear helping others in need.

Send informative content

Today, more and more people are dying of heart attacks and diabetes. You can run an awareness campaign irrespective of the area in which the NGO deals. When you tell the people that you really care for them, you’re more likely to generate funds. Send informative and useful content in the form of newsletters to win the trust of the audience.

With little more efforts and an effective email marketing strategy, you definitely reap better results for your charity.