3 Email Marketing Strategies for Financial Service Sector

Today, email marketing is an important digital marketing platform for credit unions and bank. Customer retention, high ROI, and cost saving are benefits, which the financial service sector reaps from this marketing platform. But, to taste success you need to follow the right mix of strategies. And, with a majority of readers reading the messages on a mobile device, the challenges for the financial sector is doubled. You deal with high profile clients and engaging such customers with captivating and interesting content is essential.

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Focus on real time marketing

The promise of any real time marketing campaign is to deliver the right messages to the consumer at the right time. You need to face many challenges like measuring the effectiveness of email marketing campaign, personalization and leveraging the available data. As a marketer, for a successful bank and credit union promotion, you need to gather these analytics and generate meaningful insights such as product history, demographics and interest of the readers. Real time email marketing will surely help your financial services reach the potential customers, but you need to work in the right direction.

Focus on using video content

To increase engagement and response rate, many credit unions and banks are focusing on using video as a part of their email marketing strategy. Instead of mailing the video, you can embed the link in your email marketing. Most email clients handle the images well and videos are perceived well by the readers. Remember to place a still picture on the website, where the video is located to attract the readers. Finally, follow all the relevant rules of video content, ensuring that the video can be played on many devices without any hassle. Video content will help you generate revenue and engage the readers.

Cleanse your email list

Every marketing list decays every year and you need to renew it on a regular basis. You need to focus on collecting and maintaining the mailing list. And, with more and more financial customers using online banking products, email is a crucial data point for nearly all the credit unions and banks.