3 Email Marketing Metrics for your Tracking

Time and again, you have read about few essential and critical components of email marketing, common mistakes and the myths surrounding it. But at the end of the day, if you’re not monitoring your efforts, you cannot understand whether your email marketing campaign is being received well by the readers or not. Therefore, before you send the next marketing campaign decide the goal of your email marketing because based on your goal, you need to track the essential metrics. Here are a few essential metrics you need to keep a track of.


Bounce rate

It is the percentage of the total emails sent that are not delivered successfully to the recipient’s inbox. Marketers fear the bounce rate because it lowers the deliverability and reduces the sender’s reputation. Soft bounces are a result of temporary problems either with the ESP or the recipients email address. The recipient’s server may hold the messages until the problem clears up. And, hard bounces occur because of an invalid email list or non-existent email addresses. Furthermore, ISPs use the statistics of the bounce rate to determine the sender’s reputation. Too many hard bounces make your domain look like a spammer to the ISPs and your messages never reach the inbox of the recipient.

List growth rate

It determines the rate at which your marketing list grows. List growth rate is calculated by subtracting the total number of unsubscribes/spam complaint from the total number of new subscribers and dividing the result with total number of email addresses. Monitoring this metric is essential as more than 22.5% of your list decays every year. You need to grow your subscribers list and ensure that it grows at a fast rate. Overlooking it results in higher spam complaints, which deteriorates the sender’s reputation.

Email sharing rate

The total number of people who click the share button or forward the messages to their friends and family members. Encouraging sharing is a great tactic to connect with new subscribers because your subscribers have recommended your brand.

Focus on these metrics for a successful email marketing campaign.