3 Email Marketing Ideas to Increase the Conversion Rate

The need for an effective email marketing campaign increases as a business reaches new heights. It becomes difficult when more than 50% of the customers are not ready to buy at the first time. Therefore, lead nurturing through email marketing is the smartest way to reach the readers. Email is still the most preferred form of marketing because it allows personalization and one-to-one interaction. Increasing the customer engagement rate is the key to drive sales. Here are a few email marketing campaign ideas to implement to increase the conversion rate.

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Focus on using urgency

Urgency is one of the key factors to boost and increase your conversion rate. According to a recent study, a human brain actually stops thinking and starts acting when faced with a pressure situation. As a marketer, you can use either time-based urgency or scarcity-based urgency to drive the sales. You can send messages telling the customer to purchase a product at a given time for a specific period of time. Customers who are planning to buy the product for a long time are more likely to purchase it. Urgency is a powerful tool to boost the conversion rate and helps in attracting the customers.

Sales pitch series

After you have managed to send a welcome message and you have shared some useful information with the customers, it’s time for a sale. You need to nurture your relationship and get specific by asking the problem to the readers and provide a solution for the same. Tell people what they will gain if they decide to business with your organization. Help the readers take a decision by providing logical arguments, social proofs and comparisons. Furthermore, inform the readers as to what they will lose because of some negative consequence of not taking the desired action.

Post purchase referrals

You need to thank your customers for making a purchase and request them to share their experience on social media. Additionally, ask the customers to take a quick survey to provide feedback and help you make changes in the marketing campaign.