3 Email Marketing Errors to Avoid this Holiday Season

Email marketing is crucial and important for every brand, especially during the holiday season. But, the misuse of email marketing can irritate the subscribers and they will end up leaving the newsletter. It’s true that you learn from mistakes, but the holiday season is definitely not the time to make mistakes because it’s a time when customers make the maximum spending. Focus on these email errors to avoid confusion and ensure your ROI is high for the campaign to sustain.


Using a random frequency

Your holiday email frequency cannot be random because it will irk the readers to no extent. December is undoubtedly, the month for shoppers, but it doesn’t provide any brand with the leverage to send as many messages as they want, especially when they are not sending any message throughout the year. Such random frequency of messages irritates the subscribers because they’re simply not ready to hear from your brand. Therefore, focus on an optimal frequency of emails to win the trust of the subscribers.

Being extra cautious

Attractive products and compelling offers will help your business during the holiday season because getting the customers to click and open your messages is tough. Competition during the holiday season is fierce because every brand is focusing on enticing the readers. Focus on using different emoji and pre-header texts to make the newsletter interesting for the target audience. When sending holiday messages, never be extra cautious, otherwise you will lose your readers.

Ignored inactive subscribers

If a customer has not ordered anything from the past three months or so, it doesn’t mean that customers will never order again. You should not ignore inactive subscribers because sooner or later they will make a purchase. Irrespective of the erratic behavior of the customer, don’t forget to include them in your email marketing list.

You need to prevent the subscribers from leaving the marketing campaign by eliminating the above email marketing errors. Remember that your emails are the only source of information available to the customers. Therefore, send interesting and captivating messages to the readers.