3 Email Marketing Basics to Consider

Without an email marketing campaign, reaching the target audience is difficult as it’s one of the main methods of effectively communicating with the readers. And, with social media creating buzz, many marketers forget the basics of email marketing and focus on tactics that yield results for a short period of time. For a successful marketing campaign, you need to adhere to all the basic rules and regulation of email marketing. Furthermore, with new technology knocking the market, you need to keep the fundamentals in mind. Here are a few email marketing basics to consider before sending the next marketing campaign.


SMART objectives

You might wonder why you need SMART objectives for a simple email marketing campaign. SMART objectives enable the marketers to define clear KPIs and define contact strategies. These objectives should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed. Such objectives will help the readers to know what you’re expecting from them. It will help you uplift your sales and conversions. Focus on creating objectives that are achievable so that you don’t spend additional time on creating marketing campaigns that will never deliver the desired results.

Identify the right metrics

In the initial years of marketing, you need to pay attention to new subscriber rate, conversion rate and cost of acquisition. These metrics will help you understand how much you have to spend to acquire customers. As time progresses, the cost of acquisition decreases and you can concentrate on metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, lifetime value, bounce rate, etc. It’s extremely essential to identify the right metrics as it will help you tweak changes in the email marketing campaign based on the results. When you focus on the wrong metrics, you end up losing customers because are incapable of tapping the problem that is resulting in poor marketing statistics.

Make unsubscribe easy

Ensure that your unsubscribe link is easily visible in the email and on your website. Customers filter the messages as spam if they’re unable to locate the unsubscribe link. If a customer wants to leave, never force them to stay.

Follows these basics of email marketing to reach the inbox of the readers.