3 Effective Email Marketing Tips

Have you ever wondered why email marketing is so valuable? Is it because it yields maximum ROI or is it because subscribers prefer to hear from your brand? Your email marketing campaign is the strongest tool in your arsenal as it lets you connect with the target readers. You need to remember that your customers, check the mail at least 4-5 times a day and when they have let you in the inbox, do not break that trust. Send and share content that is useful to win the trust of the readers. Here are a few effective email marketing tips to adhere to.


Leverage transactional emails

If you’re not leveraging the effectiveness of transactional email as upsell and cross-sell opportunity, you’re missing out the basic trick of email marketing. Transactional emails have a 4-8 times higher open rate than any other type of email. You can use the following transactional emails to interact with your target audience.

Customer service enquires and statement

Order confirmations and receipt

Tracking of shipment and notification

Product expiry and renewal status

Return, changes and refund emails

Think mobile

More than 70% of the emails are read on a mobile and if your messages are not responsive, you will lose out on potential customers. Furthermore, focus on keeping the messages as short as possible and ensure that he images load properly on the mobile device. Your efforts will go in a drain when you realize that the messages are horrendous on a mobile. Mobile is definitely the next big thing when it comes to email marketing. Therefore, focus on creating short messages with a proper CTA to win the trust of the target readers.

Strong subject line

The cardinal rule of a successful email campaign is that if customers don’t see it, they won’t buy it. You could easily compose a compelling message, but if the subject line is unattractive, you will lose the battle. Focus on choosing the right words so that it doesn’t sound sales oriented. Furthermore, never use caps in the subject line because it creates negative ripples.