3 Ecommerce Email Marketing Campaign to Boost Sales

Increasing sales instantly is a challenge, especially for ecommerce business owners. And, if you’re still sending unsegmented newsletters to your entire list, your customers are likely to turn away. It will result in a dip in the email marketing success and will affect your sales. Today, email marketing is all about sending relevant email messages at the right time to the target audience. Marketers who decipher the right time, usually witness a high success rate. Here are a few ecommerce email marketing campaigns to boost your sale.


Abandoned cart email

Most of the marketers witness a 10% lift in the revenue by sending messages to people who have abandoned their cart without making a purchase. Customers are giving a strong signal of purchase when they visit the checkout process. Cart abandoned emails provide you with a second chance to sell your product to the target audience. Send such messages within one hour of customer leaving the abandoned cart. Through such emails you can understand why the customers left without making a purchase. And, once the reason is known, you can accordingly alter the email marketing program.

Win back email campaign

Win back email campaign has the highest ROI next to abandoned cart. If a majority of the customers make their second purchase between 30 days, anyone not making a purchase is displaying an abnormal purchase behavior. Such customers are likely to never make a purchase again. Therefore, on day 31 send the win back email campaign to the customers. Your win back campaign will depend upon the product and services you offer. Look out for customers who display abnormal purchase behavior to increase the effectiveness of their email marketing campaign.

New email series to new subscribers

Your welcome emails are important as it kick starts a crucial relationship with the readers. You introduce your brand, which is the major reason you need to concentrate on the first message you send. Furthermore, welcome emails has a much higher open rate than the traditional emails. Focus on provoking the first purchase through the welcome messages.