3 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

You should be aware about some of the deadly sins for avoiding moral pitfalls, including envy, greed and sloth. Once you fall in any of these pitfalls, your email marketing goes for a toss and bringing it back on track becomes very difficult. As a marketer, you need to invest in reaching out to the potential customers, and mistakes can cause hurdle in your email marketing campaign. Without understanding the email marketing platform, sending messages is a waste as it will reach the spam folder. Here are a few ways of avoiding email marketing sins.

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Sin #1:  Disappearing after sending welcome messages

Many content marketers automated their welcome message for the new subscribers, but forget to send messages after the welcome message. Disappearing after sending the first message is not acceptable because readers forget about your brand. Some marketers, do not understand what they want to send, and others fear that they will irritate the readers by sending messages constantly. Email silence can result in failure and you miss on a huge opportunity to bond effectively with the target audience. Send messages at a regular interval of time to attract the potential readers.

Sin#2: Under promoting or over promoting

If you send too many promotional messages to the customers, your subscribers can become annoyed and are less likely to buy from your company. And, if you fail to send any promotional messages, your readers will take your brand for granted. Over promotion and under promotion are deadly sins that can affect your email marketing campaign. Send relevant messages in a timely manner to the target audience to build their trust. No email marketing campaign can become successful because of both under promoting and over promoting.

Sin#3: Sending boring content

Dull and boring emails are the ultimate sins and your subscribers probably receive tons of such email messages. Moreover, boring messages are lost in the inbox and readers hardly read such messages. Therefore, focus on sharing useful and informative content.

Avoid these sins for a successful email marketing campaign.