3 Common Mistakes Impacting your Email Marketing Workflow

Time and resources are two most important things that every business lacks, but thankfully with email marketing, you can conserve both manpower and hour.  Workflows are a series of email that are automatically triggered to the readers based on their behavior. The workflow email marketing works more like a flowchart, ‘If not this then that’. These automated workflow ensures you spend less time on crafting emails to engage the readers. Instead of manually crafting mails after studying their behavior, workflow automation, understand the pattern and send offers to the readers. Here are a few mistakes impacting your email marketing workflow.


Not segmenting the readers

Audience segmentation forms the backbone for a successful workflow automation. When you integrate the segmentation with workflow automation, you can target people with a specific interest and goal in mind. You need to understand that email is no longer about batch and blast techniques. It is more about understanding the customers, analyzing their behavior and crafting messages that the readers simply love. When you keep segmentation minimal, you miss out the opportunity of engaging many readers. Therefore, segment your audience properly to get better targeted customers.

Not analyzing the data

Just because you have automated the workflow, it doesn’t mean that you should completely stop analyzing the data. You need to keep a check on the performance of your workflow and ensure that everything is falling in place. Understand whether the welcome messages are receiving the desired response or not? Notice whether the re-engagement campaign is sparking an increase in the open rate or not? Ensure that you analyze and track the data before it’s too late to troubleshoot any problem.

Not testing the workflow

Simply assuming that your workflow is working to its best possible potential will jeopardize your business.  How will you know whether it’s working to its best potential unless you test against alternatives? Therefore, use A/B testing to determine various aspects of your workflow from subject line to sending content. Use the workflow that yields the maximum result.

With these fixes, you can definitely increase the performance of your email marketing campaign.