3 Bad Habits to Avoid in Email Marketing

Email marketing is the leading tool for reaping high ROI and reaching the customers in an effective manner. Even then many marketers fall in the trap of cringe worthy tactics that rarely captures the desired attention. However, many times even good marketers fall in the trap of bad email marketing tactics that destroys their sender’s reputation. As a marketer, you need to avoid these mistakes and create a winning email marketing strategy. Here are a few mistakes to watch out.


Never email people who didn’t ask for

Always make sure that your recipients have actually permitted you to send the email, otherwise your messages will be filtered as spam. It may be a quick win to send messages from emails acquired from LinkedIn, but it’s a bad marketing tactic. Focus on following the double-opt in strategy wherein the customer click the confirmation link for receiving messages from your brand. It’s the leading way to ensure long-term relationships with readers and the best way to maintain a healthy list.

Never send the same message to everyone

Gone are those days when blasting a single message was considered a reasonable and effective marketing strategy. Segmenting the subscribers into the different sections is the key to maximizing email engagement. Ask readers question that will help you segment the readers into smaller sections. Based on the interest, age group and preferences of the readers, send content of their choice. When a customer receives messages pertaining to their previous purchase, they are more likely to engage with the readers.

Don’t fall for the spam folder

Being reported as spam is a serious matter because your messages will reach only the spam folders. And, your subject line plays a significant role in deciding the future of email marketing. Therefore, as far as possible, avoid words such as ‘earn $$’, ‘free’ and money back guarantee. When your messages reach the spam folder, the email deliverability and sender’s reputation decreases causing loss of your email marketing campaign.

Therefore, as far as possible, avoid these bad habits to win the trust of the readers.