3 Awesome Tips for Email Personalization

One fit all approach in email marketing was a winning strategy a few years back, today effective email marketing requires super personalization. Traditional blast and batch tactics are likely to get your email messages ignored, which will negatively affect your sender’s reputation. Improving a low sender’s score is very difficult, therefore, focus on creating personalized messages to entice the target audience. Shockingly, only 5% of the companies across different industries use personalization. These companies are definitely one step ahead and can leverage the effectiveness of personalization.


Segment your marketing list

According to a survey, segmented email marketing campaigns witness a 760% increase in the revenue. You should not treat all your contacts as the same. Focus on sending personalized messages to your email list based upon their preferences and purchase behavior. List segmentation separates your master list into key segments that are extremely useful for your target audience. It separates your list into clients, service area, customers and buyer’s persona. Segmentation is the first step towards successful email personalization. You’re missing out on potential click-through-rate and email open rates by sending the same messages to everyone. Start segmenting your marketing list today!

Include an email signature

Sending messages from a generic email addresses such as info@abc.com or noreply@abc.com is the leading way to reach the spam folder of the customers. Again, the goal of personalization is to create emails that are sent from a personal email id. Your email messages should be designed towards the requirement of your target audience. Also, remember to include an email signature with your information to further attract the readers. Email signature makes it easy for the customer to contact. Additionally, increase the link to your website and social media platforms in your email signature for the readers to access your website and profiles.

Focus on using dynamic content block

Dynamic content is extremely useful in sending personalized email messages to a large list of customers. Depending upon the capability the ESP, consider using the dynamic content block.

Personalization is definitely mandatory for building a loyal customer base.